About THO

A message from Linda Bolan…

You’ve reached the point in your life in which you’re eligible for Medicare coverage. Now you have the complex task of determining what Medicare options are available and which options will serve you best.

As a fellow senior with more than ten years as a Medicare health insurance broker—and owner of Trusted Health Options—I know the Medicare registration process can be daunting.

I’m here to help you make sense of it all.

We can meet in person, virtually, or over the phone to discuss senior health insurance plans that best suit your needs.

What to expect in our health coverage consultation

  • I’ll ask about your current coverage, so I understand the coverage type you’ve selected in the past.
  • We’ll discuss what types of health benefits are important to you and whether additional options through private insurance may benefit you.

Whether you’re a new retiree losing your group health insurance or switching from an individual health insurance plan to Medicare, I’m here to assist you. I am a compassionate advocate for seniors, dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality health care services for you.